We have changed our name and we are very excited!

(December 2020)

We’ve been working on a truly exciting new development for a while. We are changing our name from Dentakid to ONE TOOΘ
and we’d like to share how it came about and why we’re so excited about it.

One Tooth

When we first started Dentakid our vision was to create a unique pediatric clinic where a child’s first visit to the dentist is enjoyable and pain-free; a positive first experience that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Our main aim was getting to know our young visitor and welcoming them on their level. We took care to create an environment that inspired trust and a feeling of safety, ensuring that your child looked forward to their next appointment with us.

And so… Dentakid was born in Pallini in 2001.
We received an overwhelmingly warm reception from our patients and demand for our services was so high that in 2013 we were led to create a second identical pediatric dental clinic in Kifissia.
At around this time a new need started to appear; enthusiastic parents began to ask us if they could receive the high-end dental care that their children were getting.
To satisfy their demands, we began to offer our services to adults on our existing premises.
Our next step was to offer our adult patients a comprehensive dental care experience where they would be treated by specialized personnel using the latest technology. To this end, we opened a new dental clinic exclusively for adults.. Our new premises are located directly opposite our pediatric dental clinic in Kifissia and we have designed it to look and feel homely so that you can immediately feel comfortable and at ease when you visit us.

Our new name, which captures our vision and expresses our new function is ‘ONE TOOΘ’ which is spelled with the Greek letter ‘theta’ at the end and is pronounced ‘ONE TOOTH’

ONE TOOΘ now consists of two separate entities:

  • The ONE TOOΘ pediatric dental clinic for children
  • The ONE TOOΘ family dental clinic catering to older children and adults

A new web and blog site / A New Newsletter sign up here / New Social Media accounts where you can follow us (Facebook & Instagram) and have access to new and interesting information about your oral hygiene.

However, we have many more exciting plans and wonderful ideas
for the future of ONE TOOΘ and it all starts with our new name!


Dr. Socrates Mitakos
Founder and Head of The Paediatric Dental Sector
of the former Dentakid, now ONE TOOΘ

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